Sunday, November 23, 2008

steady progress

Slow and steady. That's the progress on my Taiga sweater. The colourwork chart is complete and the first repeat of the evergreen motif in grey heather wool is done. In some ways it feels like it's going quickly. Almost 1/3rd of a sleeve done now.

Only a couple of little worries... Look how close the stitches are to the tips of the needles - guess I'd better get a circular needle before too many more increases! And do I have enough sheep's grey yarn? Especially as I plan to add several inches to the sleeve and body length. I'm kicking myself now - I should have bought extra. I might have to email the mill with the dyelot info to see if they can lay hands on a couple more skeins for me.

But its coming along nicely. Slowly, steadily, it's becoming a sweater!

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Susan said...

It's really looking good! I love colorwork but I seldom do it. I wonder why when I always admire it. And thanks for all the hugs, I really appreciate them.