Thursday, January 20, 2011

scrapping along

My scarf is growing row by row, colour by colour. It's about 3.75" deep now, so what's that ... 40 percent done? Not bad progress for 400 stitches per row! It's been fun seeing these scraps come together into this multi-colour whole, especially as each scrap has sentimental value:

1 & 11 - Viola Sock in "Red Squirrel"
2 & 8 - Black Lamb Merino in "Khaki"
3 & 12 - Mountain Colors Bearfoot in "Harmony Mist"
4 - Wandering Cat Alley Cat Sock in "Raspberry Beret"
5 - Wandering Cat Alley Cat Sock in "Tea Time"
6 - Crazy Zauerball in "U-Boot"
7 - Wandering Cat Alley Cat Sock in "Campfire"
9 - Wandering Cat Alley Cat Sock in "Misty Highlands"
10 - Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino in "Scarlet"


Anonymous said...


You have given me an idea for a scrappy blanket.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

You know you're not making it easy for me to resist casting one of these on...

Karen said...

3.75"? Oh, now, that's just bragging! (I'm at about 1.5"....) Seriously, it's so pretty--not to mention inspiring.

Louise said...

Lookin' lovely!