Friday, January 28, 2011

lots more

This bird's nest scarf has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of days, thanks in large part to how quiet things have been at work. "Not to worry", says the boss, "we're about to get really busy with several big jobs over the next few weeks!"

Modeling today's progress is another bird from my collection - this one carved from whale bone. When I stumbled across him at an Ottawa antique flea market, I knew I had to have him. The carving is about 12" from beak to tip of tail feathers, which gives you an idea of how much lace scarf is pooled around him.

Last night I made this curried carrot and potato soup. Delicious! Particularly so, made with twice the spice as suggested. Can you ever have too much garlic or too much curry powder?

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Louise said...

Looks like your "nest" is growing, lol! It looks really light and soft. Do you still find to a bit itchy?