Monday, January 10, 2011

Richmond Hill field trip

Through the magic of Ravelry I was able to find Heather - a nearby Raveler with a couple of balls of the tangerine colourway of Kroy sock yarn from the Stitch and Pitch event last year. I messaged her, arranged a swap, et voilĂ , sock number two is underway!

At Heather's suggestion we met up at Panero in Richmond Hill - a bakery café near her house where her Wednesday evening Stich 'n Bitch takes place. Shirley, Christine and I enjoyed chatting with her over coffee for the better part of an hour while she considered her swap options. In fact, we all liked the place so much that we stayed for lunch - soup, salad and baguette. Delicious!

After lunch we traveled a short distance up the street to check out The Knitter's Attic. It's a surprisingly big store with a wide selection of patterns and yarns - a nice mix of upmarket hand painted yarns and less expensive commercial yarn choices. I don't suppose you'll be surprised to learn that some yarn and patterns followed me home!


Frieda said...

So glad that it all worked out ! I was thinking today that I really should take a drive to my LYS for some Kroy sock yarn . I love that colourway , it would be perfect for some socks for Emma ! Then sanity prevailed / Mike talked me out of it by pointing out the stash .He just doesn't get it ;-) !

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day. Glad you'll be able to finish your sock. It is too pretty not to finish the pair.

Angela said...

Awesome! So what did you get???

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I like that colourway! Very cheery socks.

And how can you go to someone else's LYS and not buy something? It just wouldn't be polite!