Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Stephen!

This morning in a home in old Ottawa south my nephew awoke to his tenth birthday. There'll be a present or two to unwrap before school, and then more at supper, served up with cake and ice cream. His birthday list had lots of Star Wars lego on it - no knitting required. Happy birthday Stephen! Enjoy your presents, your cake and your birthday celebrations with family and friends! I hope you like your presents from your family in Toronto.

This morning in Natuashish, another ten year old may be getting ready for school. His wish list might very well include some hand knit socks, since it's very likely that he doesn't own winter boots and he gets very cold once his feet get wet on the walk to school. I think Stephen would agree; better to knit socks for the Warm Hands Network!

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Frieda said...

Happy Birthday Stephen from Montreal !

Love those socks in progress . I've almost finished the first pair for WHN .