Monday, January 31, 2011

unusual construction

The construction of this sock is quite unusual. As you can see in the photo, the gusset increases are worked as M1Rs and M1Ls arranged on either side of the centre of the foot bottom. That's a first for me. Next I'm to work a wrap & turn heel. That's also quite a departure from my usual choice of heel. But I've determined to knit this pattern exactly as written and then see how it works out.

Last spring I started, then frogged, a Francie sock. Talk about unusual construction! At the time, though, I wanted a relaxing vacation knit; I wasn't looking for the kind of challenge Francie posed. These Socks for Christy feel like a prep course for Francie. I've already got the yarn picked out, so look for Francie on the needles in the the coming weeks.

First, I'd better get moving on this wrap & turn heel.

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Frieda said...

Those socks will be gorgeous ! You always find interesting and challenging patterns .