Saturday, January 15, 2011

KAL Clue 03

Clue 3 of this mystery KAL brings me to the end of the finger section. Just the thumb left to do in clue 4; that is, if I decide to go ahead with clue 4 because right now I'm leaning towards ripping out the whole thing. Why? For several reasons:
• the cuff is longer than I find practical
• the mitt is baggy at the inside of the wrist
• the thumb pulls the cable on the back of the hand off centre
• the cable on the thumb gusset makes my hand look lumpy
• the finger section almost entirely covers my pinkie
• the ribbed cuff could flow better into the main pattern
• the entire mitt would fit better knit on smaller needles

Instead of binding off I put the stitches on scrap yarn - I'm going to sleep on it and make my decision tomorrow. If you wake to the sound of stitches being ripped out, you'll know what happened.


Louise said...

That is too bad. But it is better to be happy with the finished mitt than wear them and constantly notice the faults.

Allison said...

Lots of reasons to rip, rip and rip!

Delusional Knitter said...

That's too bad, it looks like a nice pattern stitch. But I know it would drive me crazy too.

Frieda said...

If you're spending the time and yarn to knit something it's better to be happy with the end result . Too bad , because it looks nice , but if it doesn't fit you must rip ;-))