Friday, January 21, 2011

practising for retirement

The other day we saw a panel discussion on The National newscast about financial planning and the looming retirement crisis. Seems like there will soon be more retirees than workers, so relying on the government pension plans for retirement income may leave you short. One suggestion from the panel members that really struck a chord: try living as if you're retired now to get a sense of how little you can live on.

Gavin and I are thinking about retiring to a tiny winterized cottage at the shore of Lake Erie. In fact, when faced with things we could buy, we'll joke to each other "How will that fit in our 800 square foot lifestyle?" to discourage unnecessary purchases. Living simply and downsizing are themes we've tried to adopt already.

It strikes me that this scrappy scarf fits in with that theme ... using up what I already have ... knitting from my stash ... and so on. Besides, I couldn't resist sneaking in another picture to tempt Valerie at Wandering Cat. I'd think she's got lots of scrap sock yarn kicking around!


Frieda said...

I love your scarf ! I'm looking at the bits of leftover sock yarn and thinking of knitting one myself . Aren't you the enabler !

Anonymous said...

We are busy de-cluttering here too. We're hoping to downsize as soon as this summer.

Wish us luck!

However, the sock yarn stash will NOT be downsized. LOL

suse-the-slow-knitta said...

we've told the kids that we're selling this house and moving to something much much smaller when the youngest has finished Uni. We've moved house too many times to be emotionally attached to bricks and mortar.