Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I wasn't entirely sure how well my plan to stripe the Kroy sock yarns would work but with sock one complete, I'm very pleased. Turns out, it's quite a handsome sock. Another thing? This solid Gentry Grey Kroy sock yarn is really nice. I'm shocked at how nice, actually, considering how inexpensive it is.

Yesterday's forecast snow was a bit delayed; it's snowing today instead. And that means more public transit knitting for me. Taking transit the last couple of days has given me a real insight into how dysfunctional it is. What I'm discovering is that the provincial transit (GO Trains) is a far better option in the east end of the city than the urban transit (TTC buses, subways and streetcars). But in the west end, the situation is reversed. It makes no sense at all, it costs waaaay more than driving and it takes forever. So much for comfort and convenience. It's a good thing I have my knitting to keep me calm and sane through these trips!


Angela said...

Very nice. I am using Kroy sock yarn for a Baby Surprise Jacket right now and it is a really nice yarn for the price ... and I got this one one sale too.

Frieda said...

Love it ! What a genius idea to use the striped yarn in the cuff and the solid for the rest , except for the little bit at the toe . Mind if I steal it to use up some of my singles ....

Anonymous said...

Those socks are gorgeous (or should I say very handsome?).

I know what you mean about public transportation. From my house a 1/2 hour car drive would take 2 hours on public trans. to get into downtown Orlando. I would have a 2 mile WALK to get to the nearest bus. :-(

It means the only way I get around is on my bike (really dangerous) or in the car (somewhat LESS dangerous).

Orlando is the worst city for pedestrian/bike fatalities so I RARELY bike on the roads.