Wednesday, January 26, 2011

shorter rows

I've twigged on something important as I continue knitting this Secret Garden Lace Scarf: the row lengths are much shorter on a scarf than a shawl. Obvious, yes, but think of what it means...

Shorter rows mean less tinking when I screw up. Shorter rows mean this project can be knit on trains, subways and buses. Surely I can start and finish any 41 stitch row between stops? And - here's the great thing - shorter rows mean the lace pattern works up quickly.

Hey! I'm pretty much convinced that scarves are a great way to experiment with lace without the major undertaking of a full size shawl. One more thing I'm convinced of? Gavin was right, it does look like a bird's nest.

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One pair of Hands said...

I love the look of lace and enjoy knitting it. I agree scarves are a good way to get to know the pattern.
(It's surely prime real estate for a bird's nest.)