Wednesday, January 5, 2011

KAL Clue 01

The mystery KAL is for fingerless gloves, that much I know. It didn't take me long to knit to the end of the first clue: a ribbed cuff and a wrist section with cables and a simple lace pattern. Now I'm waiting for the second clue ... and waiting ... and waiting. Five days and still waiting.

The pattern calls for sport weight yarn, and until I checked, I wasn't sure I had any in my stash. Happily there's just enough Frog Tree Alpaca. Maybe it's too fuzzy for cables? It is blurring the pattern, but I don't mind the softening effect. After all, to what other use could I put 200m of alpaca? Stash-busting, that's what this is!

While I wait I'm knitting socks for the Warm Hands Network. I've got a line on more Kroy Jacquard yarn in the Tangerine colourway to finish the first pair. Hopefully I'll pick it up this weekend. Now I'm working on a second pair with a couple of balls of Regia self-patterning yarn. More stash-busting!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

The cables aren't as defined as they could be but you can still see them fine and alpaca will make it so nice to wear!

Dee said...

The cables will probably show up more when you are wearing the mitts.

The color is gorgeous!

One pair of Hands said...

I'm told told that alpaca has a higher tensile strength than wool which makes it hard wearing. And it's lighter and very warm. Pluses all round I'd say.