Thursday, January 27, 2011

movie night

Yesterday the final installment of Steig Larsson's Millenium Trilogy was released on DVD, and Gavin made sure he was near the front of the line to pick up our copy. Gavin loved the books, and we both really enjoyed the first two movies. As I understand this movie series was filmed as "made-for-tv" movies in Sweden, but were released in cinema when the books became runaway world wide bestsellers. Hollywood plans to redo the movies, but I suspect they'll disappoint compared to these gems. The first movie was the best, in my opinion, but the third was still entertaining. And isn't nice to see the whole sordid business finally concluded!

Knitting lace through a thriller like this seemed a bit of a stretch, so I put my scarf aside and enjoyed the movie. Looks like I'll have time at work today to complete the 5th repeat of the lace pattern and maybe even a 6th repeat. It still looks like a bird's nest as it hangs from the needles, but when I tug at the sides and stretch it out you can see the lace pattern is hiding in there. A lot of pins are going to be needed to block this all out straight and square!

At the beginning of the pattern the designer allows for the option of a provisional cast on in anticipation of picot edge bind off at the top and bottom of the scarf. If I knit it again, I think I'll try it.

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