Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Surmount the Stash October update

It's that time again; time to evaluate my progress to Surmount the Stash. This month the news is more upbeat!

Monthly budget of $50 for all knitting related expenses: This month I spent $3 for a single pattern and not one red cent on yarn. Much better than last month. Maybe there's hope for me yet?

Manage my WIPs: My Smitten Advent calendar is STILL not done. I'm will finish it this week; promise, cross my heart. Last month I made six hats, a pair of colourwork mittens, one sock and one glove. This month I need to finish the second sock, the second glove, as well as that advent calendar.

Plan projects to work through my inventory of yarns in my Stash: By focusing on hats I cut my stash of acrylic worsted by more than half. But, even though I didn't buy any yarn last month my sock yarn stash grew. Yesterday a package arrived with three gorgeous skeins of sock yarn from Studio June - a thank you present for designing her Ravelry ads. I know, I'm spoiled. Turns out Dee is right ... it is SOCtoberfest! Now which three patterns to choose?


Renee Anne said...

So, if it's Socktoberfest, does that mean I need to get on this sock knitting thing again?

But, but, but...I need to finish my shawl!

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Wow, that seems like quite an accomplishment for September! There definitely is still hope for you :).

Stefanie said...

Oh boy is that tempting to join! But I have yet to block my latest sock FOs. And I need to hunt for them.
How lovely you were gifted sock yarn as a mahalo for designing her ads. What a cool trade off!

Anonymous said...

I love when yarn shows up in my mailbox! ;-)

Congrats on all the finishes last month.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Ooh - I really like that light yarn peeking out from the bottom of the pic...