Friday, January 29, 2010

things are getting done

Thanks to Chris who I contacted through Ravelry I've got a new supply of yarn to finish my Komet socks! And imagine, she lives just 5 minutes from my work so it was no trouble at all to hook up. Whatever did knitters do before Ravelry? Barring anything unforeseen, the second sock should be done tonight ... ready for wearing around town on the weekend.

My cat mat is almost done as well ... just a bit more grafting to do before quilting the layers together and the laundering test. Then back to my Heartland lace shawl. Let's see if I can finish that before Ravelympics!

1 comment:

One pair of Hands said...

You seem to have your own private fairy godmother. Yet another crisis overcome. So glad you didn't have to pull out the first sock.