Saturday, March 7, 2009

finished socks

It's a good thing that there's only one set of 2.25 mm dpns in my needle collection. With only one set, I can only work on one pair of socks at a time. Built in protection from "startitis". After rewinding the skin of Fleece Artist handpainted merino I had startitis in the worst way. All I wanted to do was cast on a Monkey sock. Never mind about the Sprockets Socks. But with only one set of needles that wasn't really an option.

No surprise then - the second Sprockets sock is done and off the needles. Time to take a minute and admire these socks. Despite my trepidations about the self-striping pattern in the yarn, I'm happy. I don't think I'd be as happy with much more contrast between the shades. The yarn, Lang Jawoll Silk, was great. Not slippy. Not splitty. Nicely and evenly twisted. And not one knot. The pattern is really cute and well designed right down to the smallest details. The pattern in the ribbing of the cuffs flows into the pattern on the leg and then carries across the gusset. A patterned heel flap is also a nice touch.

I'm proud of these socks. I understood the pattern and followed it correctly. My knitting is neat and the picked up stitches at the heel flap are tight and even. I guess what I'm trying to say is maybe, just maybe, I'm getting better at this!

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