Sunday, September 16, 2018

Year of Project 8: Week 12

Last weekend we returned from a few days in New Hampshire, but rather than posting I spent my time on Saturday and Sunday tidying, doing laundry and catching up on work. Things have been busy   and hot to the detriment of my knitting progress.

Although I split the driving with Gavin, and I was required to pay attention to road signs and directions while in the passenger seat, I did get make some headway with the test knit socks. The first (left) sock is done and the second (right) sock is mostly done... I just need to finish the foot and work the toe. The patterning is subtly different from right sock to left sock so the designer has asked that both be knit at least past the heel turn before the end of the testing period on September 21st. I'm further than that already so my plan is to complete the pair and provide modelled photos before the end of the test period. That will be my focus over the next few days.

There's some progress too on my Instagram KAL #monstersockkal2018. Although I wasn't loving the sock when I was randomly mixing browns and bits of orange into mainly yellows, after adding a series of brighter stripes I'm happier with it now. The FLK heel has been completed and now I'm onto the leg of the first sock. This will take over as my main focus once the test knit socks are complete. If you're on instagram you're welcome to join up. Just pick your scraps or minis and post with the hashtag #monstersockkal2018. That's all there is to it!

My Nain socks have been completely ignored. They're going to remain on the back burner until the other socks are done and off the needles, after which I can give them my undivided attention.

New Hampshire was beautiful as evidenced by this drone photo Gavin took of a sunrise at the ocean. Of course he's used HDR setting and tweaked the vibrance, but lovely still. We spent most of our time in the ocean or in the pool to escape from the crazy heat. Cell coverage was sparse to non-existent and the motel's wifi was very poor, so the vacation was restful and unplugged. Unfortunately we timed things poorly and Gavin didn't get much surfing in... the storms and hurricanes were making their way up the coast after we left.

When I returned from New Hampshire I started volunteering one morning a week at a local cat shelter. It sounds more fun than it is - in my four hours a week I spend about three hours and 58 minutes scooping out cat litter boxes... sweeping, washing and disinfecting kennels... washing out and refilling food and water bowls... there's always more that needs doing, so just a scant few minutes a week are actually spent playing with cats. Still, I feel good about doing it and it's nice to get out and meet some new people, so it's well worth the time and effort as far as I'm concerned. At any given time there appear to be about 60 cats and kittens at the shelter and many more in foster care. And so far it looks like about 10 cats a week are adopted and another 10 or more are rescued or surrendered. If only more people would spay or neuter their cats!

2018 Paper Bag Project - September, October, November and December

      Twisted Flower Socks - using Hikoo CoBaSi yarn in Egyptian Blue
      Feny Socks - using Lang Jawoll Superwash in turquoise and chocolate
      Test Knit Socks - using unknown variegated red yarn
      Diamondback Socks - using Songbird Fibers Sock in Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Full Skeins from stash

      Somewhere Socks - using Mountain Colour mini set
      Pairfect Socks - using Regia Pairfect
      Mood - using unknown variegated blue yarn
      Kazak - using unknown tonal purple yarn
      Harris Tweed Socks - using Wollemeise self-striping green/gold/red yarn

    Large (more than 50 grams) and Small (less than 50 grams) scraps from stash

          Salor - in various tan, orange and brown small scraps
          Vanilla Bean Striped Socks - in various colourful small scraps
          Squircle Socks  -  in various colourful scraps plus something neutral from large scraps
          Escape Reality Socks - in various colourful scraps plus something neutral from large scraps
          Bill Huggins - in various scraps
          Mosaic Marbles socks - using Langwoll Magic Dégradé scraps with black (or white)
          Checkbox Socks - using large scraps
          Stash Buster Spiral Socks - using various scraps in green?
          Hearty Stripey Socks - using various scraps
          Double Heelix Socks - using leftovers from Feny Socks
          Nain - using large scraps of Stretch Bamboo in light blue
          Jelly Rolls - using all the leftover Stretch Bamboo in various colours


    Anonymous said...

    Oh my word, the KITTENS!!!! They are each too adorable. The little Tuxie is my favorite.

    The saddest statistic I ever heard was how many cats/kittens are "put down" in Orange County (Orlando) each month. It is over 900.

    The saddest words I heard while there ---- we are moving, having a baby, getting a job, have a new boyfriend that doesn't like cats ---- and we can't keep this cat (who sometimes was quite elderly and hard to place). I was LIVID when my father-in-law did that with his 16 year old lap dog. I sure Rich has no idea why he is now confined to a hard, cold, metal cage instead of sleeping on a lovely couch in the living room. These kind of people should NEVER be allowed to have a pet. Sorry --- stepping off my soapbox now.

    So happier things. You test sock is gorgeous. I can't wait to see how the fancy work looks on the second sock.

    Glad you had a good vacation.

    Wanderingcatstudio said...

    I'm loving the stripey socks.
    Gavin's picture is beautiful but I'm sorry he didn't get in any good surfing.
    It amazes me how many cats and kittens need homes... I know when I was a kid, the attitude was mostly that cats were disposable... but gee... you think we would have learned something in the last 30 years or so...

    Breathing Life said...

    That seascape photo is stunning - it looks like an oil painting! Those kitten pics are priceless. They are lucky to have a volunteer like you.

    Caffeine Girl said...

    I don't know what a drone photo is, but I am in love with your husband's photo. He is one talented guy!
    I used to foster kittens, and I loved it. Can't do it since Keith moved in because he wants to keep them all.

    Karen said...

    Such cute kitties! I have considered volunteering since I can't have any because the hubby is allergic to cats :( Interesting to know what your typical shift involves!

    Becki said...

    Your socks are gorgeous! And the picture of the sunrise is beautiful. And those kittens - oh my! What wonderful pictures. It sounds like a worthwhile thing to do to make these cats and kittens comfortable and give them clean living conditions. I had no idea there were so many cats in shelters. I'd take one home in a heartbeat if I could.

    Sam I Am...... said...

    Gavin has a drone? Cool! Glad you had a good time but Fall would have been lovely in NH too. It is hot sick of the heat....93 today feels like 103 but the trees are changing color despite it all. I love the test socks...really neat design. Your 'monster' socks are my favorite fall colors....they're 'scrappy' socks? I want to make a pair of those but all the ends to weave in...aren't I just a whiner....I'm tired today that's why. I love both pair of those socks and the kittens? OMG! So cute but I have 4 rescue girls here...2 dogs and 2 cats and no more! Meds twice a day and 3 litter boxes that kill my back bending over. Get your volunteering in while you're still young! LOL! I feel like I'm running an animal hospital here. I love them dearly but I have enough to do just taking care of myself anymore. Pray I don't get our meds mixed up! LOL! I can look on IG but I can't post as I don't have a cell phone...I know...I'm the only one in the universe...even the masai warriors in the heart of Africa have cell phones. So, I cannot post to IG. I'll have to go find you on there. Did I mention how sorry I am that our president was so rude to your PM and country....I am still confounded as to how he was ever elected....gutter trash. I pray every night that he and all his corrupt and trashy friends will go to jail and stay there before they destroy our democracy. I usually don't post politically charged opinions but he's a danger and an embarrassment to our country and basically ruining it....please don't judge us all by him and his cronies. Canada and the U.S. have always had the best partnership and I hope we can again...if not I'm moving there! LOL! Please don't build a wall....yet! LOL!

    Lucy Bowen said...

    Beautiful socks as always. Love the kitten pics and it sounds as though you have had a wonderful break.

    Domics Pinnwand said...

    Oh, I totally love the monster sock! It is about time that I cast on for one as well!

    Leftycrafter said...

    I loved all your photos. The socks are really pretty but the sunrise photo really caught my eye UNTIL, I saw the kitty photos. There are a couple in there I would love to adopt if I had not promised hubby there would be no more cats in the house. (He is allergic, darn it)

    Stefanie said...

    How neat, a cat shelter. I haven't heard of one just for cats. Love your socks. That red one is terrific.