Sunday, July 29, 2018

Year of Projects 8 - Week 05

My Afshari socks are done and they knit up exactly as I'd hoped. So pretty! This pattern has been in my favourites forever, which is a bit surprising considering that it's a lacy cuff pattern which isn't really my thing, not to mention that it's modelled as an ankle sock, which isn't my thing either. But just because the model is ankle height doesn't mean I can't add rounds to lengthen the leg! Isn't that the great thing about making things? You can alter them to suit yourself!

I'm really pleased at how well they fit in Dye-Version Stretch Bamboo. The stretchiness of the yarn really comes to the rescue of the not-very-stretchy cuff patterning. The "Tropical Sunrise" colourway is a very pretty pink/orange/yellow and has a very summery look. And the bamboo fibre makes it a very cool sock to wear. Really, I couldn't be any happier with the result!

The pattern is included in the book Silk Road Socks which I was thrilled to receive as a birthday present from my birthday twin Frieda at RestlessNeedles. The book includes are sixteen sock patterns  of which I hope to knit several through this Year of Projects. It's beautifully photographed with interesting background information about the inspiration for each pattern so it's lovely to just flip through as well.

With everything else off the needles, I spent the remainder of last week working monogamously on my July Paper Bag Project: Gladys in Painted Fleece Merino/Silk/Cashmere. I finished up sock one this morning. It's lovely but wow, is this pattern ever yarn hungry! Sock number one weighs 61 grams! I've got about 58 grams left for sock two, but I've pulled out a 15 gram leftover bit of sock yarn from stash that's a very similar variegated green so I'm confident I can make this work without a glaring yarn substitution. With any luck I'll have another finished pair of socks by the end of the coming week.

So the plan is to finish Gladys this week. Wednesday brings the start of a new month so I'll have another Paper Bag to open and another sock project to start. Geez! August already?! Where did the summer go?!?! Beyond that I've got about 145 grams of Dye-Version Stretch Bamboo left in several different shades that are destined to be knit up as scrappy socks... one really long pair? or two smaller pairs? Decisions, decisions! Whatever I decide they'll definitely be toe-up socks so that every last yard is used up. No point in small amounts leftover as the yarn would not really play well with typical merino-nylon sock yarn.

2018 Paper Bag Project - July, August, September, October, November and December

      Twisted Flower Socks - using Hikoo CoBaSi yarn in Egyptian Blue
      Feny Socks - using Lang Jawoll Superwash in turquoise and chocolate
      Double Heelix Socks - using leftovers from Feny Socks
      Pattern TBD - using unknown variegated red yarn
      Diamondback Socks - using Songbird Fibers Sock in Ruby Throated Hummingbird
      Gladys - using Painted Fleece in Fundip #1 Greens

    Full Skeins from stash

          Somewhere Socks - using Mountain Colour mini set
          Pairfect Socks - using Regia Pairfect
          Mood - using unknown variegated blue yarn
          Kazak - using unknown tonal purple yarn
          Harris Tweed Socks - using Wollemeise self-striping green/gold/red yarn

      Large (more than 50 grams) and Small (less than 50 grams) scraps from stash

            Salor - in various tan, orange and brown small scraps
            Vanilla Bean Striped Socks - in various colourful small scraps
            Squircle Socks  -  in various colourful scraps plus something neutral from large scraps
            Escape Reality Socks - in various colourful scraps plus something neutral from large scraps
            Bill Huggins - in various scraps
            Mosaic Marbles socks - using Langwoll Magic Dégradé scraps with black (or white)
            Checkbox Socks - using large scraps
            Stash Buster Spiral Socks - using various scraps in green?
            Hearty Stripey Socks - using various scraps


      Leftycrafter said...

      The Asfari socks make me smile. I love the cuff on them. The color is perfect for that pattern. I like yhe as a sock and not an anklet.

      Gladys is so pretty. The seed stitch is nice but what a pain and there seems to be a lot of it.

      Anxious to see your August sock. I so enjoy all the socks you make.

      Wanderingcatstudio said...

      The finished socks look fabulous!

      Ruth (the-habitual-creative) said...

      I love that it's all about the socks over here and although I'm not much in a sock knitting mood myself I just love seeing all yours. Your Asfari socks are really really gorgeous! They turned out so well and I agree, the ability to make knitted things that fit us and our styles is the best thing about knitting I think.

      Looking forward to seeing what Augusts paper bag holds and why not start the scrappy socks and then decide when you get to the leg whether you'll do one long pair or two shorter pairs? I love being able to decide things like that with toe up socks.

      Anonymous said...

      Those lacy bits are amazing. Congrats. They are beautiful!

      Gladys looks pretty good too.

      JustMagicMaria said...

      Tropical Sunrise is the perfect name for that colorway and it is perfect for that lacy sock pattern. Looking forward to the August paper bag project! (I agree with you about how fast the summer is flying by.)

      Maria said...

      The Afshari socks are GORGEOUS!!! Almost worth buying the entire book just for them! I may start by checking if my library has it though ;-) Love Gladys as well - I've added them to my rav library.

      Sam I Am...... said...

      The 'sunshine' socks are so gorgeous. The cuff is a 'stunner' and I have never seen anything like it. The yarn you chose is right up my alley as I love yellow and like you I am not an ankle sock maker. The yarn intrigues me as I wear socks all year but not my wool socks but something cooler would allow me to wear homemade socks during the summer too. The green variegated are beautiful. You definitely are 'the Queen of sock knitting'! Have a great week!

      Becki said...

      Asfari is beautiful. And so summery.

      Ella said...

      Wow, just wow! The Afshari socks are gorgeous, and Gladys is great as well. You really knit the most beautiful socks.

      Kat @ felinity knits said...

      Oh those finished socks are so pretty! What a lovely, dainty pattern. I think they work really nicely as longer socks.

      Your WIP looks ace too (though gosh, 61g for one sock - that is some dense textured knitting!). Looking forward to seeing the finished pair.

      Lucy Bowen said...

      Afshari are gorgeous, as they promised to be! Gladys look brilliant too, if anyone can solve the yarn chicken you can!

      Iris said...

      The Asfari socks look amazing. The variegated yarn works so well for them!

      Breathing Life said...

      Asfari socks now added to my queue - I love your mantra - All socks, all the time!