Sunday, July 16, 2017

Year of Projects 7: Week 3

That's the first pair complete for this Year of Projects! Petty Harbour is a very nice, simple vanilla-ish sock pattern - exactly what I wanted for this Khaki green Bamboo yarn. My sister-in-law sent out a call for more hand knit socks for my brother a few weeks ago. Coincidentally I was trying to decide what to do with this yarn as it hasn't the necessary wool content for charity knitting. Perfect timing!

The pattern is super simple - just a four stitch and four row repeat - no charts necessary and very little attention required particularly if you can read your knitting to see where you are.

I knit the socks toe up. Like me, my brother has big feet so I wanted to make the legs as long as possible from the available yarn. Each finished sock weighs 49 grams, so there was very little yarn leftover! I've become a fan of the FLK heel, so that's what I did here. It gives a very neat result and is well worth the $1 price for the pattern and tutorials.

The yarn is SRK On Your Toes bamboo. I've knit it before and liked it. It makes quite a comfy, breathable pair of socks, but it's missing the spring-y stretchiness of merino. Hopefully there's enough ribbing through the pattern and in the cuff to keep these socks up!

Once this pair was done I decided to cast on my Vanilla is the New Black socks. I'm headed to a Weaving Conference in PA next week, so I wanted some mindless travel knitting. This really is a vanilla sock but it's got an interesting heel - a Strong Heel. The heel is knitted in the round with increases on either side of the centre back of the leg. You never need to pick up stitches and you won't have any holes or gaps. It's quite neat looking and very easy to work.

The yarn is a cheap-ish self-patterning printed yarn from Germany... H&W Comfort-Wolle Sockenwolle. It's shades of grey and black with quite subtle patterning. I quite like it for a simple masculine sock. The texture of the yarn feels a lot like Kroy sock yarn, so hopefully it's just as durable.

The cuff and leg of the sock was knit from yarn that was frogged twice before - once because I didn't like the pattern I'd started, and a second time because it was knitting up too small so I had to restart with more stitches. The yarn held up surprisingly well to that much frogging and wasn't overly splitty considering.

So, all in all, it's been a couple of good weeks on the knitting front. My Somewhere Socks have seen no action but they're a bit chart-y with lots of colour changes which isn't the best for travel and mindless knitting. I am struggling to find good light for knitting in the evenings in my new digs, so that's slowing me down a bit as that's about the best time to knit.

It's unlikely that I'll manage a post next weekend as I'm away at a weaving conference. My friend is a weaver so she suggested this trip. We're taking a 4 day course in Saori Weaving which should be way outside both our comfort zones so that'll keep it interesting. Hopefully the weather cooperates too so that the driving is fun. We're planning a stop at the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo, and then a layover in Corning, with an outing to the Corning Glass Factory. If time permits, we may also stop in Hershey for a chocolate factory tour. Will it make me crave chocolate? Or will I be overwhelmed by chocolate sights and smells?


Leftycrafter said...

Loving the Petty Harbour. I looked at all the patterns you have listed. I am falling head over heels for some of them. Will see how they come along for you before I commit to any of them.

PS: you posted this in the wrong YOP week.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll be surprised....the smell of chocolate being processed is NOT appetizing. Well, at least I don't think it is. However, the Hershey kiss street lamps are ADORABLE!

(My extended family lives in the area. So, we went there a lot as a kid. I remember when you actually toured the manufacturing floor AND got a full-size Hershey bar as a gift.)

Caffeine Girl said...

That's the second pair of Petty Harbour socks I've seen today and I love them!
Have a great trip. I have heard that both the Corning museum and Hershey are tons of fun.

Sam I Am...... said...

I really do love that Petty Harbour sock pattern..I may have to try it. The gray and black striped yarn is gorgeous....I really like'd never know it was previously frogged..twice. The weaving class sounds difficult although everything for me this week has seemed difficult. I hope you get to stop at all those places. It sounds like a really fun trip. Meanwhile I am going to look up those heels. I am determined to try new techniques this year...I think. Have a great time next week!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Great finish!
Have fun on your trip!

Becki said...

Love your socks. Both the finished ones and the new gray/black sock. Have fun at the weaving conference in PA, and at your other planned stops. I hope you share some about it all when you get back.

Ruth said...

Love your Pretty Harbour socks Lynn, the pattern just suits the colour of yarn, perfectly. Have fun at your conference it sounds interesting and I hope you enjoy it and the tours that you have planned.

Breathing Life said...

Love the name 'vanilla is the new black'. Can't wait to see what you weave up at your conference.

Anonymous said...

Solid pair of socks. How does the bamboo hold up its shape?

Rain said...

I really love those socks, congratulations on finishing them! I have never knitted've peaked my interest. I see lots of socks knitted before, but yours really look beautiful. Oh gosh, please have some Hershey's for me too! :)

Lucy Bowen said...

Lovely pattern. I also love the flk heel. A weaving trip sounds fabulous, hope you have a great time.

kathy b said...

The finished green socks are amazing. Your list is also! Have some Hersheys of AnY Kind for me!! Wheee