Monday, February 20, 2017

Year of Projects 6: Week 34

I think I mentioned last week how quick and easy this "Fascine Braid Socks" pattern is, but I'm blown away by how quick. I finished sock one on Friday, and at time of writing I've finished the gusset decreases on sock two. This pair will be finished in the next day or two.

It's a lovely sock! The braid is very simple and effective, and increasing the stitch count worked out to a very well fitting sock. Of course, aside from the braid detail it's essentially a ribbed sock so it's pretty much guaranteed to be an awesome fit. It's a bit snug in the length of the foot on my size eleven feet but since they're intended for donation to The Warm Hands Network, that's probably a good thing! I don't think there are too many others with feet as long as mine.

I kept the leg on the short side for two reasons. First, the picot hem isn't stretchy so I didn't want to position that too high up the calf. Second, the yarn is mystery yarn from another Raveller's destash and the cake weighed just shy of 90 grams so I didn't want to run short. Looks like I'm going to have a couple grams leftover but not much more than that. So that's awesome too!

The theme for the March KAL in the SolidSocks group is blue, so sometime in the next few days I'll poke through the yarn I've got on hand to see what will work for that. I know for sure I have a gorgeous blue grey skein of Sydney Sock with Nylon from Studio June yarns so that might be my choice. Looks like my YOP list is turning out to be 1 knit along a month with the SolidSocks group. The nice thing is that it's flexible enough to allow me to knit through some stash and work through some of my queued and favourited sock patterns.

It's a holiday Monday here in Ontario Canada and we're enjoying an unseasonably warm sunny day! Hope you're having a good day too!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love that sock! It went right into the queue!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty sock! It'd be cute with some leather sandals or oxfords.

Anonymous said...

It went into my queue too!

I also joined the solid sock group're quite the enabler today, Lynn.

Your sock is gorgeous and quite inspirational.

kathy b said...

Wow. That sock is so delicate. I love that you made it in a soft white!

Breathing Life said...

Great pattern. I love the braid down the side - very elegant.

Becki said...

That sock really IS beautiful. Someone is going to be delighted to receive this lovely pair.

Sam I Am...... said...

That sock is a beauty! I can't believe someone has bigger feet than me! LOL! I am a size 10 but I am only 5'2" so I have always thought I would be taller if my feet weren't so big! LOL! The sock does not look easy but with your sock expertise it probably is. I will put it on my list for my future expertise in socks if that day ever arrives! LOL!
Have a great week!

Lucy Bowen said...

Love that sock and the colour is perfect. Hope you had a great holiday.