Monday, June 13, 2016

Year of Projects 5: Week 50

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No action on Cookie A socks - I'm still obsessed with Op-Art Socks by Stephanie van der Linden! Restless Needles sent me some gorgeous ArtFil Belle Sock Yarn in a beautiful watery blue which I've been saving for just the perfect pattern. And when I saw Crest the decision was made.  It's a fussy, slow-going pattern but the result is just beautiful! Frieda did warn me that there wasn't huge yardage in the skein so I've made good use of the kitchen scale to watch the usage as I knit. No question I would have run short, so after completing the gusset decreases I alternated with a similar yarn from Red Sock Blue Sock until the toe. That should get me through and the difference in the yarns is nearly invisible. Sock one is done and I'm well into the leg of Sock two.

Of course a fussy chart-intensive pattern isn't the best travel knitting, so I've cast on Necker as well in this lovely "Plumberry" colourway from Black Sheep Dyeworks. This yarn was amongst the sock yarn scraps given to me from another Raveller -  and I have two whole skeins! This is a very simple pattern of knits and purls but the effect when worn is quite strikingly architectural. The pattern is knitting up quickly so don't be surprised if these are off the needles by the next update.

And then there's this - the cover pattern from Op-Art Socks is Yaacov which is knit as stranded colourwork from two skeins of a long gradient yarn. You start each ball at a different colour, shifting the gradations of the two balls by working one from the outside and the other from the inside - that way the same colour never comes up at the same time. Ingenious! It's not often I'm shopping for the loudest yarn I can find, but this time I did. I happened across these two balls of Jawoll Magic Dégradé at Yarns Untangled in Kensington Market and snapped them up without hesitation. This should be fun!

Looks like I'm going to busy for the next few weeks!

There are just two weeks left in year 5 of A Year of Projects. We're a group of knitters and crocheters on Ravelry who work towards our yearly goals by making a list and updating our progress weekly on our blogs. It's a friendly group and you're very welcome to join us.


Becki said...

The Plumberry colored yarn looks amazing in those Necker socks. And WOW - can't wait to see the Yaacov socks knitted up. What fun those look to be!

Leftycrafter said...

The blue socks are lovely and remind me of gentle rolling waves on a lake. The berry colored socks look much more intricate than they are and the color is one of my favorites. The newl acquired yarn is quite bright, BUT, it will be splendid when completed.

Lucy Bowen said...

Those two pairs of socks are gorgeous, but the blue is fabulous - I can't resist a good blue! The gradient socks look fantastic, I can't wait to see yours on the needles.

Caffeine Girl said...

I've seen that book at the library and looked through it. It has interesting patterns, but way too hard for me. As always, your sock skills rock!

Ruth said...

It looks like you're really having fun with these socks and having seen the cover of the book I would have thought they were all stranded colour work but those Crest are gorgeous and I love the architectural look to the Necker ones and the plumberry just sets them off. Can't wait to see what you do with the colourwork socks!

Anonymous said...

These are two great pairs of sock WIPs. I like their saturated colorways. The Crest pattern really draws in the eye.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how you can't see the change in yarns. All of the socks are BEAUTIFUL!