Sunday, May 3, 2015

Year of Projects 4: Hedera 02

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Of course I was so close to finishing my Hederas a couple of weeks ago when I last posted, that you probably guessed that they were done shortly after. And so they were.

As I mentioned I worked the YOs through the back loop to close up the holes and I like the pattern a lot better this way! Without the holes the pattern is less lacy and would work for a guy or a girl. The stretchiness of the knitted fabric was a pleasant surprise - these fit really well!

The yarn is from a local dyer - The Black Lamb - and is 80/20 merino nylon. It's lovely stuff, soft and squishy, but it feels just slightly too thick for socks. Well, unless it's thick socks you're after, then it's perfect. The colour way is labelled as "clay", although in my head I've renamed it "pressure-treated lumber" and it's a slightly mossy green neutral.

With Hedera done my plan is to cast on Rhombus next. At the Toronto Knitter's Guild Frolic I scouted out this Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn in a "grape jelly" colourway expressly for Rhombus. They're gonna be glorious!

Seems like I fall further behind on my knitting commitments every time I finish another pair. I can't knit any faster so it's time to pare down my commitments, particularly as I seem to be finding myself not knitting the things I want to knit. Time to make a new plan.

• I'll sit out on some of the sock knitting KALs on Ravelry ... unless they overlap with other knitting goals, I just don't have the time right now.
• I'm committed to the Cookie A. sock club for 2015 so I will complete those patterns.
• I'm committed to my Year of Projects so although I will complete those patterns, but I'll relax the schedule and let them carry over into the next year of projects
• I want to knit socks for the Warm Hands Network, so I'll alternate those socks with Cookie A. socks

So that's the plan for now: two pairs on the needles - one Cookie A for YoP or Sock Club + one for the Warm Hands Network. Now let's just see if that's a plan I can stick to!


Lucy Bowen said...

Sounds like a good plan. Overall, it should be fun and if you overrun on our projects, so be it!!

WildflowerWool said...

The purple yarn totally looks like grape jelly!!

Renee Anne said...

I've got my Cookie A club, too......and I'm just not feeling any of the patterns yet. ::sigh:: Of course, I appear to have lost my knitting mojo entirely so that could be part of the issue.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Hedera just went into my queue.

Yours are glorious!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

They turned out great - and I love the colour!

Stefanie said...

Your Hederas remind me of wild mushrooms. Love the grape jelly.

Charne said...

The Hederas are so very pretty! Love them...and grape jelly will be gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing those grow on the needles! Good for you to slow down and pare down...enjoy the knitting!

Christine said...

Such a lovely skein of purple yarn!
Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Caffeine Girl said...

I love that pattern, but it's not my favorite yarn color. I thought your name for it was pretty funny.

I think that your plan sounds very doable.