Sunday, September 21, 2014

Year of Projects 4: Om Shanti

SOCKTOPUS :  Farmer McGregor • Om Shanti

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Last week I started (and finished) Om Shanti socks. Truth be told, I'd been avoiding this pattern. The KAL for this pattern ends in September so it was decision time: knit them to complete the KAL? or skip them and disqualify myself from the "Hall of Fame" for completing all the Socktopus patterns? Of course I knit them.

Sometimes when I knit a pattern that doesn't appeal to me, the pattern surprises me. I might learn a new technique that I like, or I might like the pattern better than I thought I would; you just never know. In this case I did pick up a tip about how to modify a short row w&t garter stitch heel for a higher instep, so I'm pleased about that. But I still don't like these socks.

I had planned to knit these from MCN, however these socks are knit on 2.5-2.75mm needles so I switched to a sport weight yarn. It's always best to knit socks at tight gauge; they're more comfortable and more durable that way.

So what don't I like about these socks? Well, first of all they're thick and entirely unsuitable for wearing in shoes. The designer specifically calls these "bed socks" so that was not a surprise, but I have no use for bed socks. My feet poke outside the covers at night to cool off. As well they're ankle socks, which aren't my thing. I wear socks to keep my feet warm; I don't want wintery winds whistling up my pant legs around my ankles. And then there's the cuff with its horizontal Kihnu Vits braid and corrugated ribbing. Interesting design choices - neither of these elements has any stretch. Don't you want your sock cuff stretchy? Must I struggle to them pull on and off over my heels?

Nope, these socks are done, photographed and will be promptly frogged. And the best remedy for sock pattern disappointment is to cast on a different pair. So that's exactly what I did; I've cast on Farmer McGregor socks. What a difference! Loving these! And look, it's the last pair from Socktopus!


Christine said...

Nice job Lynn! I would just use the bed socks... For... Well.... Bed socks! And the farmer MacGregor ones look lovely! Nice start ;)

Anonymous said...

I love how you know you don't like the socks but knit them anyway to qualify, which I've have done the same but will now frog them, will you re-use the yarn for something you do like?
I do love the McGregor socks that diamond shape is lovely.

Anonymous said...

You have great patience. Once I realize that I don't like a sock, I have to frog it right then.

They look nice . . . couldn't you have gifted them to someone with smaller feet that don't mind chilly ankles? LOL

The OTHER socks are really pretty!

Lucy Bowen said...

Love it - of course you are not going to disqualify yourself now at the very end!! Love Farmer McGregor - what yarn are you using? You'll have them nearly finished by next week I'm sure, so I'll wait!!
Thank you for your offer of help with my socks, I think it is just the initial stitch count, so I will check the length for size and promptly start again!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I don't think I could bring myself to knit a whole pair of socks and then frog them!

Farmer Mac is looking great!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

I could never frog something that was finished and I spent so much time one...I wear socks all the time, as my feet are always cold....I understand about ankle socks, but I do wear them sometimes...but I adore the new ones you cast on...the color especially...

Sam I Am...... said...

Socktopus Hall of Fame here she comes! I wear socks to bed in the winter as my feet are so cold that if one foot touches the other it wakes me up! LOL! But you are right to frog and a tight cuff is not good for your circulation either. I'm loving the Farmer McGregor though and glad you are too. I love the color the pattern and the name. And speaking of FM...thank you for the tip on the lettuce brand and garden site. I'll be ordering! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Patience indeed... love the yarn your using for Farmer MG's

Kim said...

So glad you finished it so as not to be disqualified! Maybe they can become a Christmas gift for someone?