Monday, January 20, 2014

FO: In Threes Baby Cardigan

Pattern: in threes: a baby cardigan by Kelly Herdrich

Yarn: Malabrigo Rio in Natural colour

Needle Size: US 8 (5 mm)

Modifications: I slipped the first stitch for a better selvedge edge at the beginning of each row and I added a 1/2" to the body length at the newborn size.

Comments: A lot of Ravellers commented that the cardigan was knitting up too large so I chose to knit the smallest size  (newborn). I haven't got any babies to compare it to, but it looks baby sized to me. Maybe 9-12 months size?

The pattern designer mentions that you can knit this from one skein, and had I knit it as written without adding to the length, that would have been the case. The first skein ended two rows before the bind off.

The pregnant parents are both surfers - in fact she's a sponsored Chick Sticks surfer - so I wanted some buttons that evoked their love of the water. These little translucent resin fish were the best I could do; super cute, huh? Gavin remarked that I had to be careful about making sure they were affixed securely - after all they'd be a choking hazard otherwise - so for the yarn that feeds through the button hole, I tripled knotted it at the back behind each button and then wove in the ends. Is there a standard procedure for this? How do you secure buttons on baby outfits?

It's a very cute and easy pattern. If I did it again, I'd stick with the smallest size and maybe even go down a needle size to make it just a titch smaller still. I'd also consider omitting the garter stitch detail below the armholes, as I don't think it adds anything.

Of course, using a second skein to knit the last two rows and the bind off leaves me with just less than a skein leftover. I wonder if I can sneak a Pembroke vest at newborn size out of that? Especially if I make the smallest size modified to be a bit shorter and smaller! I'm going to try!


Anonymous said...

Very cute fishy buttons and I think you've got them on there pretty securely.

As for the garter around the armhole, do you think maybe it keeps it from rolling up?

The whole sweater is just TOO adorable.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I've been eyeing that pattern for a while - it's seems like the perfect pattern to let a yarn really shine. But also buttons too - the first thing I noticed about yours was the buttons! They are perfect!

Frieda said...

Love it , especially the cute little fishy buttons ! I think the garter stitch detail under the arms is meant to give the cardi a bit of shape or definition otherwise it would just flare out a bit .

Unknown said...

If you think about it, store bought items with buttons aren't any more secure than hand made. As long as you have secured it, I am sure it's fine. I always weave in the ends when using yarn to secure buttons. When I do thread for buttons I do the following, wrap the base of the thread between button and fabric and then pierce that mass with the needle 3-4 times, then cut the thread.

Stefanie said...

Terrific job. It's so cute. I love the fish buttons.

Catherine said...

I love those fishy buttons. When I sew buttons on to children's clothes I begin by leaving a long tail at the edge closest to the button band (where I cast on or cast off). I use this tail to sew on the buttons, weaving it to the first button position, then down to the next and next and so on. Then I finish off the end as securely as I can, lots of weaving in and out and knotting. As I only have one 'free end' the risk of a button coming off is reduced to a minimum.