Monday, May 14, 2012


Oh help! Are those aphids on my Spindle Tree? I think they might be. What should I do? Gavin suggested soapy water, so I've dumped a few buckets over the shrub but now I think I need to power spray the bottom of the leaves and the stems. What do you think? Will any of this work?

Maybe I should just print out the picture and go to a garden centre for help? In Toronto we have a bylaw banning pesticide use on public or private properties, so I'm not sure what's possible.

Did you imagine when you clicked on this blog that you'd have to contend with an icky bug picture? Probably not. I did try to warn you in the post title, but maybe you thought I meant software bugs? Perhaps I'd better just change the subject to something entirely more pleasant.

I've made steady progress on my (w)rapped pullover. I finished the back on Saturday and now, on the front, I'm about halfway into the banded rib section at the midriff. Presumably I could finish this by the end of the week, maybe in time for a FO Friday if I really make an effort. There are no armbands - thank goodness I went back and fixed those armhole decreases, eh? - just a bit of a neck edging. That should finish up quickly. I squeaked out the back from two skeins, so it appears that I'm going to have an extra skein. Maybe that'll come in handy for an upcoming swap.

And today at work I hope to finish my second Tardis sock. But more on that tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure they aren't aphids. At least they aren't the kind we have here. Aphids are small and green.

When I have bugs, I use the soapy water (Joy dishwashing liquid is best) and I do a little scrubbing to chase them away from the undersides.

Good luck with the bugs. Hope they evacuate soon.