Thursday, December 30, 2010

happy happy

For my birthday yesterday there were lots of fibre-related presents:

• a pile of sock yarn in stripes, solids and jacquards along with a pattern book full of ideas for same

• a book from Interweave Press with patterns for socks from hand-painted yarns, including a Nancy Bush pattern I'm looking at

• a three year digital subscription to Verena Knitting with a ton of gorgeous sweater patterns I'd like to knit

• a set of very fine bone china coffee mugs to fancy up my caffeine fix while knitting on chilly evenings

• a new iPod nano - it's tiny - with great sound and a nice little screen that's perfect for knitting podcasts as well as all my music and photos.

It's all great stuff; I'm happy to be remembered with so many thoughtful gifts. That's me set for another year of knitting!