Thursday, February 4, 2010

slow and steady

Every evening I knit a few more rounds of my Heartland Lace shawl. Slowly, slowly, it's growing to the size I want. Just one and a half more repeats of the Bison Tracks Lace to go before I start the edging. I'm looking forward to seeing it after blocking - I just hope that I'm not disappointed by the yarn. The considerable nylon content in this yarn gives it a shininess that I'm not sure I'm going to like in the finished shawl. And it's hard to say whether it will block out nicely the way natural fiber would.

Every day at work I knit a repeat or two on my Shur'tugal socks. And once again I have doubts about the yarn. I've used this yarn before - Paton's Stretch Sock - for some fingerless mitts with a good result. The yarn's not very soft, a bit scratchy really, but it's stretchy which makes the sock or mitt fit really well. Other Ravelers have commented that it washes and wears well. I'm guessing these will be nice enough as sturdy and practical socks. But I won't be buying either of these yarns again.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I've always wanted to try the stretch sock yarn but never have.. but I prefer soft sock yarns so maybe that's best

Frieda said...

The shawl is really coming along ; it looks beautiful .I think you're reservationa about the yarn will disappear once it's off the needles. With it being a cotton /nylon blend , it might just work out better than you expect .

I have some stretchy sock yarn in the stash , an early purchase from Elann . I was underwhelmed to say the least . I'm thinky baby socks might be a good way to use it up . Love your socks though , nice work !

Susan said...

So that answers my question about the yarn. Good to know although your socks are looking lovely.