Monday, February 1, 2010

back to the Heartland

After four repeats of the Bison Tracks lace, my Heartland Lace shawl measures about 20" from the top centre to the bottom point - probably somewhat bigger after blocking. What I have in mind is a much larger shawl; a shawl that will cover shoulders, back and hips. I definitely need more repeats of the Bison Tracks Lace before starting the River of Life Edging. With every repeat the rows get longer and longer making it feel like progress is slowing to a standstill. With two weeks before Ravelympics, I've got plenty of time to knit this shawl. I'll take my time and enjoy this beautiful pattern.

For my on the go project I've cast on a pair of Shur'tugal socks with some Patons Stretch Sock yarn from my stash. It's another pattern that's been in my queue for some time and is touted for standing up to variegated yarn coluorways - we'll see by the end of today if this yarn is a suitable choice.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

The shawl is looking great - I prefer larger shawls too

Frieda said...

The shawl is looking lovely ! I prefer the smaller shawls myself , which is surprising because I'm what you might call a little on the fluffy side . I knit a small shawl a couple of years ago and I wear it often and have had more compliments .

Can't wait to see progress pics of the new socks . I've had that pattern in the queue for ages . Might have to move it up :-) .

Susan said...

Very pretty shawl! How is the sock yarn? I've seen it and touched it, but haven't bought it, yet.