Monday, February 15, 2010

a false start

During the opening ceremonies on Friday night I cast on for my Cottage Garden sweater and knit through the first picot hem. While driving out to visit family an hour away, I knit the second picot hem and got started on the waist of the sweater. But by Saturday night I had to acknowledge that my gauge was off - I ripped it all out and called it a day.

Sunday morning I swatched and reswatched until I was confident that my sizing would be right. This time I worked the swatches in the round on dpns to make the swatches as accurate as possible. It seems to have worked, because after restarting on new needles I've knit back to where I was before and now the sizing looks correct.

By losing two days my chances of finishing this sweater in time to qualify in the Ravelympics are sadly diminished. Still, this is a long distance endurance event, and I'm going to give it my best effort. With almost two weeks of Olympics left, it's theoretically possible that I might finish.