Tuesday, October 28, 2008

wintery days

The last couple of days have had a wintery feel. Frost in the suburbs at night. Lake effect snow warnings for areas north of Toronto. And cold, cold wind. Brrr! And the cold has crept into my workplace. The cold from the chair I sit in penetrates my jeans. I've pulled down my sleeves to shield my arms from the cold surface of my desk. The keyboard chills my fingers as I type. And I'm cupping my coffee mug in both hands to steal the warmth.

So it's a good thing that Linda's fingerless gloves are almost done. Just the "fingerlets" and finishing to do. Because Linda has been walking around work with her down-filled winter coat around her shoulders and her hands jammed into her pockets.

Good grief, if it gets any colder Gavin might have to put his flip-flops away. And start wearing socks and shoes!

1 comment:

Jane said...

Socks and shoes? It'll never happen.