Monday, October 20, 2008

look - two colours!

At the Creativ Festival I picked up some Frog Tree Alpaca yarn at Mary's Yarn booth. It's made in Bolivia by a non-profit cooperative that provides income for poor families and their communities. And it's beautiful - rich colours, soft spun and lovely warm.

A few weeks ago, I came across a pattern for this Norwegian Star Earflap Hat in the databases on Ravelry. And the Frog Tree yarn seemed like a good choice. So another hat for the Warm Hands Network!

The pattern is simple. The challenge for me is to get the tension between the two yarns right as I knit the pattern chart. Pulling the yarn that floats behind the work too tightly results in puckering. And leaving the float yarn too loose leaves holes between the colours. As it turns out I did okay - a little too tight, but not so tight that the result is scrunched up. There's an informative post about multi-colour knitting here. But if you have a sec, click on the pattern link as well - the pattern designer's pictures are well worth the time spent to look.

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