Thursday, October 23, 2008

not quite

When I bought this yarn I completely fell for the shades of red, gold and green. Like a quail, it seemed to me, with it's rich dark tones and flecks of gold. Or the most gorgeous mix of fall colours. I looked for a swatch to see how it knitted up but couldn't find one. And asked the salesperson to see a swatch, but she didn't have one available. Oh well, I just had to buy it.

But the knitted result is not living up to the promise. For the last 40 rows I've been knitting an uninspiring khaki green with orange flecks. And wishing that the colour would shift to something more interesting. Oh it's still nice, but the spectacular beauty of the variegation that I could see in the yarn ball is not translating into the knitted piece. How disappointing!

So that's a lesson learned. I need to see a knitted swatch before I buy a variegated yarn - no exceptions. Because when so much care and attention is invested in making something, I don't want to be disappointed by my choice of materials.

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