Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a nice fall day

Everyone's been very kind and considerate - not a single inquiry about the second Express Lane sock. As if you knew that I was a bit fed up and needed a break. And a bit defensive about my case of Second Sock syndrome. But this morning I woke with a feeling that today's the day to cast-on the second sock.

My fuzzy adventure should be wrapped up today. I'm not as enthusiastic today - maybe it's too fuzzy and too over the top. But still super soft. Maybe I need to give a bit more thought to it? Maybe try larger needles and a larger gauge? Maybe try it a few different ways? Maybe sleep on it for a few days and see what percolates in my head? That's the plan - finish the first one, put it aside for a week or so, and then decide where I go with it.

And then it's time to look around for the next project. Something small and portable for my return trip to New Brunswick at the end of the month - probably a pair of wool socks using stash yarn. So that's today - finish fuzzy adventure, cast-on Express Lane, and surf through Ravelry pattern libraries looking for my next sock project. Oh, and enjoy the warmer weather.

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