Thursday, October 30, 2008

for want of needles

Sila's been busy - she has knitted all these perky green and yellow hats. And Mom has demonstrated complete disregard for doctor's orders for rest and knitted this sporty grey, red and gold set. As far as stubbornness goes, this apple doesn't fall far from that tree. So lots more goodies for the Warm Hands Network!

At the moment, there's nothing on my needles. I'd like to try a Pro Bono Hat - a very simple, thick, warm hat. Easy and quick, a nice change of speed after finishing a project with tiny stitches on tiny needles. But I don't have the needles I need. How is that possible - I have dozens of sets of needles but no 5mm double-points? And there's nowhere to get them late at night or early in the morning. Hmmm. In a city this size there should really be a craft store with a 24 hour drive through, don't you think?

Tomorrow Mom and I fly to New Brunswick. So I'll have to figure out a small travelling project on wood or plastic needles. No steel needles - I'd hate to lose my knitting airport security measures! Probably mittens. Maybe in green and gold to match Sila's hats.

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