Friday, October 3, 2008

spoiled rotten

Until recently, my yarn stash was tucked in bags on the upper shelf in my bedroom closet. After a visit to Briggs & Little the yarn started to spill out. And after Coats & Clark, storage became a real problem. For the last several days about 40 balls of yarn lived in the front hallway chair!

That's when Gavin suggested I take over the empty cupboard in the spare bedroom. Not only is there tons of space, there's also about 6ft x 4ft of wire frame shelving - perfect for keeping yarns sorted and stacked. So far my stash fills less than a quarter of the available space. Awesome!

It's great that all my yarn organized in one spot. I love to look and feel - imagining the great things I can make with each. But when it was spilling out all over the place, it was acting as a yarn shopping deterrent. Pressuring me to put it all good use. Now, I look at the empty space and want to fill it with more yarn. I don't think that's what Gavin had in mind!

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Susan said...

I just got a new cupboard for my yarn, too. So nice to have it all in one place so you can look at it, isn't it>