Wednesday, October 15, 2008

becoming impossible

Margaret Atwood observes "Each one was a possibility that quickly became an impossibility" in her latest collection of stories, Moral Disorder. Hmm, I can definitely relate to that. Knitting projects are full of possibility at the beginning - cool patterns and fabulous yarn and the possibility of dramatic results. But often the richly imagined possibilities don't materialize and the project disappoints.

At Cottage Craft I bought some fantastic wool - blackberry 1 ply with shades of indigo, red and blues. And I've been wanting to make something fantastic with it. Primavera socks seemed like just the thing! A simple pattern with lots of stretch in alternating bands of knit and purl.

But the dark yarn makes the stitches are very hard to see. And working P3tog in these tight stitches on tiny needles is tough. After finishing the cuff in K1 P1 rib, I messed up the last row of the first pattern repeat. I'll try it once more but this combination of pattern and yarn may become impossible. Good thing there's more possibilities in my stash!

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