Sunday, October 26, 2008

59 days

With Jane's help, I turned my main floor into Santa's workshop. While she crafted handmade Christmas cards, I worked on woven ribbon stockings. I had hoped to start and finish 10 stockings, but I was kidding myself. Like everything else, they take a bit longer than I thought.

But I've given a lot of thought about the best way to make them. I've gathered different ribbon colours and patterns to make the woven pattern interesting. And I'm borrowing some ideas from quilting to finish the edges neatly and add a loop for hanging. Maybe I'll also make mini-stockings for gift cards, and panels to make up tree skirts.

Jane and I were thinking about getting a table at a Christmas craft show. But I think we may have left it too late to get that organized. After all there are only 59 days left until Christmas. But Christmas next year might be do-able.

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Susan said...

Those are really cute! What a clever idea. I always underestimate the time I need to make things for Christmas, too. And then I'm in a frenzy of knitting at the last minute.