Wednesday, October 1, 2008

more warm hands

Thanks to Anita for setting me straight... see her comment on yesterday's blog... The Warm Hands Network won't be at the Creativ Festival this year. So no free admission, we'll all just have to pay our way. I'm gonna edit that last post, so that nobody is misled.

At least the pressure's off for starting and finishing a child's sweater. And I can go back to making mittens. Modeled at the right is the next pair based on the pattern No Swatch, No Gauge Mittens by Jean Gifford. These mitts have a longer cuff - no chilly gap from sweater cuff to mitt - and with the wool I'm using the mitts are knitting up about right for a 10-12 year old child. You can see how small they are on me - I can't spread my hand or straighten my fingers.

Like the last set of mittens, I'm working most of the mitt in Rust Red and adding a wide stripe of Honeycomb Yellow across the middle. I'm hoping a pair of siblings will like matching mitts. When I was little I liked to dress up like my big sis!

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