Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ignoring instructions

Last night just before bed I reached the point on my second Almost Fingerless glove where the "fingerlets" are to be worked. And decided to leave that for the morning, when I'd be at my best - well rested and clear headed.

The pattern designer instructs that the extra stitches should be moved to scrap yarn while each fingerlet is worked, but that's much too sensible. Armed with a second set of DPNs I got to work. But when I had the extra stitches on 3 needles, the fingerlet for the pinky on 3 more needles, and a 7th needle in hand to work the stitches, my stubbornness seemed a bit ridiculous.

But it's done! Finished and off the needles. Just need to sew in the ends. I won't see Linda for a couple of weeks, but when I do, I'll post one more picture to show the gloves on the wearer. Now what? Gavin thinks mending the pocket of his favourite pants should be next, but I think there may be a pair or two of mittens before that.

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