Saturday, October 25, 2008

tempting fate

While I continue knitting the second Almost Fingerless glove for Linda, Mom has knitted this hat for the Warm Hands Network. Three colours of Patons Classic wool with a multi-colour pom pom - looks very sporting to me, like a Rugby jersey or hockey socks. Love it!

And I've been pondering the feasibility of having two projects on needles at the same time. Until now I've stuck to the notion that I shouldn't start anything until the current project is finished. Because I'm very prone to what the Yarn Harlot calls "Startitis". It's such fun to start new projects, try new patterns, play with new yarns. But then my enthusiasm flags - I put one aside to move onto the next new project, new pattern and new yarn. And before you know it, I'm surrounded by works-in-progress and nothing gets done.

So why tempt fate? Lately my recent projects have been quite small - because if I'm taking knitting along on the train to work or on visits to family, it's easier if everything fits in a ziploc. But there's wool and a pattern for a sweater waiting for my upstairs. And I'd like to get a start on that as well. Why does it feel like I'm starting out on a slippery slope?

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