Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a decision

It's the second month of the Summer of Socks 2012, and this month I'm supposed to be knitting Lotus Heart Socks in yarn from Zarzuela Fibers. In fact, the pattern calls for Chromatic yarn, but that base was no longer available so I ordered one of the recommended alternatives - Symphonic base. And that's the first problem: I think this yarn is too busy and too stripey for this pattern.

My second problem is with this cuff. It's meant to be a row of leaves - it does that pretty well - but it's big, bulky and floppy. I can't even imagine wearing this mid-calf under a pair of pants.  The cuff is edged with a half inch of garter stitch - don't like that either. I can't help but think that it'd make a nice border for a little summer top or even a blanket, but a sock? Nope.

I soldiered on though, thinking I could knit the sock as written and then if I still don't like the cuff, cut it off and work a ribbed cuff instead. Establishing the leg pattern took a few tries. Don't even ask me what I think about the pattern instructions ... grrrrr! This is a KAL, though, and many others were having the same trouble so I was able to get some tips from fellow Ravelers to get it sorted out. Then I ran into problem number three. The lace pattern is written across 31 sts; it's worked twice around the circumference of the sock separated by columns of purl stitches on either side of the leg. I HATE that gutter of purls. HATE IT.

That's it. Last straw. I'm out. This sock is being frogged and the yarn put aside for something else. Now back to that Clapotis!


Dee said...

I gave up on the whole concept of SOS. Too much fighting and picking at each other.

I've dropped out of most of the groups I was in over there. I guess people have forgotten how to play nice.

I still like Rav for the technical parts though.

The sock YARN is pretty. I don't think I'd like that kind of cuff either.

pinkundine said...

I can see what you mean about that cuff - I can't imagine wearing it with trousers!

Good call to give up, sounds like a very frustrating pattern!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Sorry you're so frustrated with the pattern. I never thought about a higher cuff being an issue- but you're right.
I found the pattern was a little hard to follow as well - but since I was modding so much I wasn't really following it anyway - just winging it. I put one purl ditch in, and placed it at the back - then the top of the foot just has one purl stitch on either side.

Alittlebitsheepish said...

The yarn is pretty, but sometimes patterns are not mean to be. I have had a few that needed to be frogged because they just weren't going to work. It is always a nuisance though

Andria said...

Sorry the pattern didn't work out. I have to agree with the frogging though, no point on carrying on with something that just doesn't work.

Kepanie said...

You will find a much better project suited for all that variegation. You'll be ecstatic when both come together.