Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Surmount the Stash July Update

It's time again to evaluate my progress towards my goals to Surmount the Stash. And the news is not all good.

Monthly budget of $50 for all knitting related expenses: You may recall that last month ended with a deficit of $144, and I pledged to do better but I completely blew it this month. I bought yarn and a pattern for the Summer of Socks to the tune of $34. I bought a skein of Candy Skein yarn for my Dragonfly socks to the tune of $20. I bought yarn and yarn gift certificates for gift giving to the tune of $45. And then there's my Loopy Ewe order which includes knitting accessories and yarn for planned Christmas gifts to the tune of $72.50. YIKES. My new deficit is $315.50. It's looking more and more like my $50 budget is terribly unrealistic. I guess we'll see how this shakes out by the end of the year.

Manage my WIPs: For the most part things that have been started are being finished. At this very moment though, I have three projects on the go - Dragonfly Socks, Hilja Mittens and my Smitten Advent Calendar. That's one more project than I should have, so I need to get those Dragonflies finished in the next couple of days. I'd also like to finish up Smitten before the Olympics start to clear the decks for my planned Ravellenic Games project -  a Clapotis scarf from mawata silk hankies.

Plan projects to work through my inventory of yarns in my Stash: Last month I made two pairs
of socks and I'm about three-quarter through a third pair. Add to that eight dishcloths and a handful of mini mittens, all from the stash. That's pretty good. Progress feels slow because so much of the yarn was fingering weight. One more thing? For my second Year of Projects I'm knitting the patterns in the book Folk Knitting in Estonia. I bought that book years ago, flipped through but have never knit a single pattern from it, until now. It's about time I used the patterns I already have.


Dee said...

I would think as long as your overall budget isn't suffering, you are doing okay.

Most of what you bought -- maybe all --- had a purpose. It wasn't just stashing for the sake of buying something.

Pumpkin said...

At the rate you use up yarn, you probably needed some more, so I wouldn't beat yourself up too much about it. I'm so impressed that you post your yarn spending, I would be too timid to post my own spending. Next month will be better!

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

I know it is disheartening to be over budget, but you really are moving through your stash and getting a lot of projects finished, so don't be discouraged!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I don't think some of that spend should count since it will be used for gifting. And the dragonfly sock yarn is already used, and the summer of sock yarn will be used next! I agree whole-heartedly with Dee!

RobinBrz said...

As long as you love what you bought, have plans to use it and are still feeding the family you'll be fine! Enjoy your purchases and applaud the work you've done!

Sue said...

I don't think you should include yarn for gifts in your monthly budget, you would have been buying presents anyway...... does that help?