Sunday, December 25, 2011

Year of Projects - Unst 02

secrets revealed

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Now that it's been unwrapped to squeals of delight I can finally reveal my secret gift knitting - a Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf. Turns out it wasn't much of a secret. As soon as he saw the yarn colours on my blog he guessed what it was going to be. "Really?" he asked, "you didn't think I'd guess?" Nope, I didn't think he'd guess. Doesn't matter though, he's delighted with it. The embroidered patches that I ordered on eBay really make it, don't they? I was pleasantly surprised at how aggressive the iron-on adhesive is; it adhered to the knitted fabric without any trouble at all!

Unst all done
Last week I also had lots of time to finish the second Unst sock. They've turned out just beautifully - of course the cashmere content of the yarn doesn't hurt either - and they're done almost a week early for a December birthday. The recipient is Asian and every year she looks forward to her "good luck New Year socks". And of course they have to be red. 

Pattern? Doesn't matter. 
Style? Doesn't matter. 
Colour? Doesn't matter as long as they're red.

This week I'm knitting a plain pair of ribbed socks for me. But next week I hope to cast on another pair towards my Year Of Projects; perhaps Whitby socks with a light fingering weight yarn held double. Merry Christmas one and all! And a crafty New Year!


Tonya said...

You are right the emblem just makes the scarf. He socks look great.

Dorothy said...

Love the Harry Potter scarf and yes, the motif does look great on it. Those socks are awesome too. Merry Christmas.

Nicole said...

The patch really does give it that final touch! Glad the recipient loved it :) Have a great holiday!

MarkWWNB said...

Delighted isn't a strong enough word! I am a hero of Gryffindor House, Head Boy and captain of the Quidditch Team! I am the next TriWizard Champion.

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

The emblem does look great. Thanks for the reveal.