Sunday, December 4, 2011

Year of Projects - Denmark Post 05

Finally some progress!
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Suddenly things are progressing; largely because my secret Christmas knitting project is done (yippee!). The first sock was finished last week and during the hockey game last night I knit about a third of the leg of the second sock. A big thank you to the Leafs for another lacklustre performance against a far superior team - the action on the ice did little to distract me from my knitting. At this rate the sock will be done in a just a few days, which will free up these needles for another Christmas knitting project.

Yesterday a friend and I headed west to do some Christmas shopping. Mostly I wanted to visit the Dutch store to buy some of the traditional Christmas treats from my childhood - cumin spiced cheese, licorice dropjes, ginger-spiced Speculaas cookies and marzipan-filled stollen. Mission accomplished ... except that we now seem to be eating treats all day and night instead of nutritious meals. Oh dear. And while out that way we dropped in at the Needle Emporium where I encountered a knitted sample of this cropped pullover in Debbie Bliss Riva. DANGER! For about a minute and a half I considered buying the yarn and pattern to make this for my sister for Christmas.  But wait, isn't it already December? Is this a good time to start something that big on a short deadline? NO!

One thing I have added to my Christmas knitting list is a felted wine bottle cosy. Pattern suggestions anyone? I hope to have that decided in the next couple of days so that I can pick up the yarn and make a start on it!


Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Good call on avoiding a new and giant holiday project!

Faith said...

Never were you so glad for a lacklustre performance I'm guessing!

The socks look great and I can see why you got caught up in that riva and pattern, it's so pretty!

Your food shop sounded lovely, I love the spiced biscuits which I have no idea what's in them, but the sum up Christmas biscuits to you say though it's great to have all those yummy foods but not so good for the waistline.

Ruth said...

Love your socks and way to go you getting them complete. Sounds like you had a great trip out and hey whats a few treats lol. I've never heard of a felted wine cosy but what about something with a cable in it ?
I will definitely be glad to get the scarf done, your right I'm now at the twisted up stage and boy does it weigh a good bit. I find the endless knit stitch great for watching a movie to, otherwise I'd be gone potty by now..ha potty potter, and I have two more scarves to go ..oh my

Kepanie said...

You are super awesome, knitting a nice sock stitch pattern through a hockey game. What control you have to not buy the supplies for that cute pullover.

Liz said...

The socks are looking great! Well done on resisting temptation :)