Monday, December 26, 2011

Coffee Mates

warm and fuzzy
For the last couple of years Gavin and I have agreed to forgo Christmas shopping for each other, instead buying one big item for both of us. Last year we bought Apple TV. This year we bought a Keurig Coffeemaker. And we love it. Especially since we also bought the optional "My K-Cup" accessory which allows us to use our own ground coffee. So easy, so quick and such nice coffee!

In honour of our new coffee protocol I'm naming this latest pair of socks "Coffee Mates". The yarn is Katia Darling in a colourway that runs from a light double-cream double-sugar coffee colour to a very dark rich expresso colour. It's "brush-plied" - very warm, very fuzzy and very splitty. Simple seems best so I'm knitting toe-up in a simple ribbed pattern with afterthought heels. If I've done my math correctly they should fit me perfectly!

It's Boxing Day here in Canada but I don't plan to spend a minute of my time fighting through the crowds to shop for Boxing Day bargains. A little knitting, a little sewing, a couple loads of laundry and a bit of cooking: that's my schedule for today.


Anonymous said...

That color is BEEEEautiful!

Your day sounds a lot like mine --- mostly stay away from the stores. I had one thing to pick up at the bookstore, but it's wasn't very busy.

The rest of the day was latte, knitting and maybe the tiniest of naps.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those socks look delicious!

lily said...

The coffee maker and the socks sound delicious.......Hooray, thanks for the link to the Harry Potter scarf, I've been looking for the pattern for a while.......lovely blog.