Thursday, June 2, 2011

another Lopi sweater

It's June. Already. The Warm Hands Network shipment is in September, my plan is to drop off my knitted pieces in August, and it's June now. That's not much time, especially for knitting sweaters and blankets. So with that in mind, I've cast on another Lopi sweater - this time I'm knitting the Brigitte pattern from the Best of Lopi.

Amongst the donated yarn were seven skeins of white, but in the remote communities to which the Warm Hands Network ships, laundering opportunities may be few and far between - not just because of the scarcity of washers and dryers, but also for lack of running water. For those reasons, they prefer colours that don't readily show dirt and soil, and in view of that, I dyed those white skeins to a muted celery green. Much more suitable I think!


Dee said...

The color turned out beautiful! Much better than white, in my opinion.

Frieda said...

Very nice ! That is such a pretty shade of green. I'm still plugging away at socks for them , but have plans to change it up with some hats and possibly a blanket .