Monday, June 20, 2011

emerging from the purple

As far as this shawl goes, yesterday was all purple all the time. And because the purple is so dark the pattern isn't really jumping out at me. I tried pulling a section apart with pins, but it's still not clear. But all that should change today, because looking at the ball of yarn, today's forecast is mainly red with a chance of orange later in the day. Although I love the purple, it does make it hard to see what I'm doing especially into the evening as the light fades.

The pattern instructs me to work the second chart six times. I've worked it two and half times now, so following the directions I'm almost halfway, but from the looks of the ball of yarn I could add at least a few more repeats before running short of yarn. I may just do that. My thinking right now is that I'd like to end with a similar shade to the yellowish orange I started with. We'll just see how well that works out!


Anonymous said...

Kind of like when I was knitting black socks...WITH patterning. I thought I would go crazy, blind or maybe both.

The shawl IS a lovely mix of colors though. Very pretty.

kathy b said...

love your FORECAST mainly red with a chance of orange