Saturday, June 25, 2011

laceweight or not

I'm still knitting away at my WesterWaldWaves scarf and have decided to carry on until I run out of yarn. As written the scarf would have ended several repeats ago, but even now it's only 9" wide before blocking. Wider is better, right? Besides what could I, or would I do with less than half a ball of lace weight yarn?

Speaking of lace weight, I have been dismayed to notice huge variations in this yarn's thickness. Happily most of the variation won't affect this simple pattern much, but some of the yarn is so crazy thick that I've had to cut it out - like the sample bit shown in the picture. Annoying!

This book, The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman, followed me home from the library today. It looks very readable and entertaining. Have you read it? I'm digging into it tonight once we're home from a BBQ with friends.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Yarns like that are so frustrating! The colours are so pretty though.

kathy b said...

I prefer thicker lace weights as I am kind of a lace wannabe and newbie.