Thursday, June 16, 2011


After another half day of knitting, idea two has been ripped out and shelved. There's a motif I have in mind but I haven't managed to translate it effectively in knitting.

I've tried it in a single colour with textured stitches.
I've tried it in two colours as Intarsia.
And now I've tried it in two colours as double knitting.
That's three strikes - and I'm frustrated - so I'm shelving it for now.

I'm not entirely giving up on it. I have a few more ideas about how it could work but I don't think I have enough experience as a knitter to follow through on those. And frankly, it'll be nice to get back to knitting tried and tested patterns. Like socks!

Speaking of frustration, can you imagine how the Sedin twins feel this morning? I've ripped out a few days of knitting, but they must feel like they fell short on an entire year's work. Congratulations to Tim Thomas and the Boston Bruins - a well deserved triumph after a great game and a great series!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

It's so frustrating when a pattern doesn't come out as I see it in my head!

Louise said...

It is frustrating but don't give up. I am sure you will work it out!