Tuesday, June 28, 2011

random Tuesday

This morning I thought I'd better weigh what remains of my Zauberball Lace to get an idea of how many more repeats are possible. From these last 11 grams I'm guessing 2-3 repeats of the six rows of chart 2 and then 1 final repeat of the 8 rows of chart 1. I'll knit the next repeat, reweigh the yarn and then I'll know for sure. Probably a couple of days of knitting, wouldn't you think?

Once that's done I plan to get back to knitting little hats for Innocent's Big Knit. Andrea made me piles and piles of pompoms - she said she found it relaxing and fun - now I need to catch up with matching hats. Time permitting I'd like to knit up all the scraps of baby yarn in my stash into little hats. Also there are a couple of folks I know headed to the UK later this summer; it'd save me a bundle on postage if I could send my hats along in their luggage to be posted closer to their destination in London!

And then at the beginning of July I've signed up for "Come blog-along", a Ravelry group where each member knits through a book of knitting patterns and posts blog updates on Sundays. A whole book! You can understand why I'm trying to finish up everything else ahead of that!

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Caffeine Girl said...

Wow, that KAL is a serious commitment. I can't imagine doing it myself (I am SO slow), but I want to follow along. Do keep us posted on where to find the blogs!