Thursday, June 30, 2011

blocking this wavy shawl

The rainbow shawl is blocking, and if ever I could have used blocking wires, today's the day. Note to self: put blocking wires on Christmas or Birthday list. My edges are likely to be a bit wobbly after blocking because I'm using pins. At the moment I'm thinking about running a thread through the edges and using that in place of blocking wires to straighten out the edge.

In her photos the designer has blocked her shawl with wavy edges but I can't imagine how I'd get that waviness even. Besides the garter edges of my shawl seem to want to be straightened. Tugging them straight doesn't seem to upset the wavy pattern through the middle. Straight edges they will be!

I had planned to use a Russian Lace cast off, but had so little yarn left that I mixed it up with a normal bind off every other stitch and managed to squeak through. Just enough left to weave in an end! Finished photos tomorrow!


Frieda said...

There's not much to say about that shawl except beautiful , beautiful , beautiful !

Wanderingcatstudio said...

It's beautiful!